Utilize The Large Custom Golf Cart Options Now Available

Utilize The Large Custom Golf Cart Options Now Available

custom golf cart optionsThere are various custom golf cart options you can use to make your cart different from the rest of the pack. In most cases, people want to customize their carts for practical purposes or for artistic reasons.

I have seen ordinary golf carts and “tricked-out” ones that have been customized. It’s really a no brainer that the customized versions are much more chic and that they draw lots of attention.

Golfing is a sport that has a lot of fashionable things from custom clubs, golfing clothes, and other accessories. It only seems natural that the next thing to be made stylish and more convenient is the golf cart.

Custom Golf Cart Options And The Different Parts You Can Change

Let us start with the wheels. When you check out any car, the first thing that catches your eye is the custom wheels, if the car has them. This is the same for golf carts. Special wheels that can allow you to drive on the golf course, off-road terrain, or even on the highway roads are a great way to customize your cart.

A costly but worthwhile custom part you can include in your cart is an air conditioner or heating system. You will be able to ride in your cart during any season when you have these two custom parts. Your comfort level inside your cart will also increase.


Think about that unimaginative manufacturer dashboard that comes with your ordinary golf cart. Why not spruce it up with some color, or custom design? You can add some accessories like cell holders, secure glove compartment, and shape it in way that allows future additions like a cd/radio player. The best thing is that there is a nice selection of dashboards with various designs, prices, colors, for you to choose.

Yes, traditional conservative golfers see the golf course as sacred ground where peace and quiet are very important. This does not mean that you cannot add a nice music system in your cart. The times are evolving and it’s common to see custom golf carts with music systems, so think about it.

Your cart’s lights are another area you can customize. All the lights including taillights, headlights, brake lights, can be retrofitted with stylish ones that have various colors. If you are going to be driving your cart at night, you definitely need lights.

Optional parts you can include are windshields, which will protect your face from bugs and dust. Also, should a wayward golf ball make its way towards you, the windshield can be very useful in protecting your face. Tinted windshield will keep blinding sunlight from your eyes and they look great.

Custom Golf Cart Options, The Best Way To Customize Your Off-Road Golf Cart

Recently, people are really curious about getting custom off-road golf carts. It might be the fact that these “bad-boys” are a lot of fun to drive and they are equally fun to customize.

Like other off road vehicles, these carts are specifically made to endure unforgiving terrain. There are two options for acquiring such said cart; you can buy one that has already been customized.

The second option is that you can mod the cart according to your specific needs. The second option seems to be more popular since it gives the owner a lot of flexibility in regards to things they want on their golf cart.

Lift kits are essential for any off road cart. Your golf cart needs to have enough clearance from the ground. The lift kit will firm up your suspension system. When you lift your cart, you can add bigger custom tires. There are several variations of this lift kit you can try out. Choose what best works for you.

You need some sort of screen to protect the occupants from flying mud and dirt while you drive around in your off road golf cart. There is a nice fold down screen option that lets you experience open air when you want, and gives you a windscreen when you need it.

Hard terrain needs hard durable tires. You should look at ATV tires specially made for off road functions. To give your cart that complete off road racing feel, why not replace that generic steering wheel with a custom one that improves your grip and still looks very cool.

There are many ways you can accessories and customize your cart. The whole process is really simple and you can really make a statement on the golf course with your custom golf cart. The custom parts you select should be useful, beautiful, and easy to find. Visit Custom Golf Carts Columbia to find out more about custom golf cart options, and how to use them to customize your golf cart.